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Comparing KiwiSaver returns - what does it mean?

10 May 2021

There are many confusing terms when it comes to KiwiSaver. You’ve likely heard about returns, but maybe are a little foggy on what it actually means.

4 important things to consider when choosing a KiwiSaver fund

30 Apr 2021

When it comes to choosing a KiwiSaver fund, there are over 250 to select from. Finding the right fund can mean a huge difference to how much money you end up with, whether you’re saving for that first home or for retirement.

BS KiwiSaver marketing: It needs to end

23 Apr 2021

I’d like to say that I was surprised to see yet another KiwiSaver provider pick a date at random and highlight that they’re the best.

FHB 101: The first home buyer's checklist

14 Apr 2021

Your heart is set on homeownership. You’ve weighed the pros and cons and are ready to find the perfect home. Where do you start?

First home beginners: seven steps to buying a home

11 Apr 2021

We’re diving into the once-in-a-lifetime experience of first home buying. Find out what exactly you need to do, if you’re wanting to withdraw your KiwiSaver and use it to buy your first home.

Ethics & investing: who is your money really working for?

7 Apr 2021

While many KiwiSaver providers do their best to avoid directly supporting funds that could be seen as unethical, they don’t control what suppliers or business partners of these companies might be doing.

So you can buy a house - but should you?

31 Mar 2021

We compare the pros and cons of buying a home vs renting to arm you with the knowledge you need to make your own decision (no matter what Auntie so-and-so thinks).

What would you do with $10k?

29 Mar 2021

While we were getting ready to launch BetterSaver, we encouraged people to sign up to our waitlist to be the first to access KiwiSaver advice.

Why policy changes mean you could now be eligible for a $10,000 first home grant

24 Mar 2021

An update on changes to first home grants and loans.