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Your KiwiSaver and weapons of war: what you need to know

18 Mar 2021

Open communication from Providers to investors should be a given. But too often the information is buried deep, requiring a significant amount of time and patience to find.

3 ways you can break down the gender investment gap

11 Mar 2021

The gender investment gap doesn’t only impact individuals - it impacts NZ’s economy. About ⅔ of investors in NZ’s capital markets are men. If more women invest, it could add billions to the market, helping to both shrink the investment gap and benefit the health of the country.

Closing the gender pay gap with Rebekah Gerry

4 Mar 2021

We chat with Rebekah Gerry from Closing the Gap about the gender pay gap and what it looks like in NZ.

The real gender pay gap in New Zealand, and what you can do about It

3 Mar 2021

The gender pay gap is a universal issue. What does it look like here in NZ? What causes it, and what can you do about it?

KiwiSaver fees: what you need to know

24 Feb 2021

Fees’ is the word on everyone’s lips when it comes to KiwiSaver, but what’s it all about?

10 ways a financial adviser can help you

21 Feb 2021

You might think financial advisers are only for people with loads of money who need help managing it, but they can be helpful for anyone with a financial goal.

For love or money: how to have 'the talk'

10 Feb 2021

Bringing up the money talk shows that you are thinking about a possible future together - so time it wisely and start gradually.

5 personal finance books you should read in your 20's (and beyond)

4 Feb 2021

If you’re in your twenties or thirties, you have the major advantage of time - time to find out what works for you and what doesn’t, time to make some savvy investments, time to learn.

5 foolproof budgeting techniques for absolutely anyone

27 Jan 2021

Making a budget is liberating because it eliminates spending guilt and enables you to build the lifestyle you desire. Consider a budget to be a spending plan, squeezing the maximum value out of every dollar you earn.