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Is your KiwiSaver fund killing bunnies?

23 Nov 2020

How can you be sure your KiwiSaver fund isn't invested in things that you don't support?

Using KiwiSaver for your first home

10 Nov 2020

You may have heard that you can use your KiwiSaver to help buy your first home. But do you know how it works? Do you qualify? How much money can you get?

5 reasons you should join KiwiSaver

6 Sep 2020

Don't leave your KiwiSaver fund to chance! Here are 5 reasons why you shouldn't delay and sort it today.

Better KiwiSaver Outcomes

18 Aug 2020

Why you should make an active decision and find a better KiwiSaver fund today!

Interview with Debt Free Diva

9 Mar 2022

We recently hosted an Instagram Live, where Beth & Emma from the BetterSaver team interviewed Tracy Hemingway, AKA Debt Free Diva, for International Women’s Day.

Women who worked their way to financial freedom

8 Mar 2022

We celebrate International Women's Day by highlighting four of BetterSaver’s favourite female finance experts.