Unbiased KiwiSaver advice, coming soon.

About BetterSaver

When we launch shortly BetterSaver will analyse KiwiSaver funds to provide you with 100% independent, unbiased and personalised digital advice so that you get better outcomes. This means not only a fund that performs well, but one that aligns with your values, goals, and lifestyle.

Tell us your goals

Tell us about yourself. We want to understand your values, goals, lifestyle and priorities. We align these insights with our detailed data and ethical rating system.

Find a better fund

Let’s get you in a KiwiSaver fund that’s a better fit for you! Our smart system backed up by expert humans will make a personalised recommendation of a fund that is right for you.

Ongoing advice

Once you are in a better fund we will continue to monitor your KiwiSaver to ensure you are invested in the most suitable fund for you.

Our Partners

We are working with super talented partners to launch BetterSaver. They have us covered for legal, compliance, and independent data for our KiwiSaver analysis.