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How KiwiSaver helped save my home ownership dream

12 Jul 2021

We caught up with Tracy AKA the DebtFreeDiva about her story from huge debt to homeownership.

Top 10 winter saving hacks

5 Jul 2021

Our top 10 winter saving hacks to help you save money, stay warm and even help the planet too.

A savings strategy that works: Meet Rupak

28 Jun 2021

Advice is great, but it can help to see how it’s actually working out for someone and learn from their experience. We asked BetterSaver staffer Rupak to give us the lowdown on how he maintains his frugal lifestyle.

How much you should save in your 20s, 30s, 40s and beyond

21 Jun 2021

Have you thought about your retirement? It seems like a long way off, we get that. But the longer you put it off, the harder it will be to save for it.

3 things I learnt whilst buying my first home

13 Jun 2021

One of our BetterSaver team members recently went through the experience firsthand and details their experience.

The best saving hack for renters

7 Jun 2021

Tips and tricks to help you save for either first home ownership or retirement.

Don’t miss the deadline for free money

31 May 2021

Despite its name, it doesn’t actually have to do with tax. It is the annual government contribution to your KiwiSaver account. We discuss the member tax credit.

BS KiwiSaver marketing: Are you paying the price?

24 May 2021

Picking your KiwiSaver fund type - a decision that could make or cost you thousands.

Emergency funds: The ultimate guide

17 May 2021

An emergency fund is money set aside in case of unexpected expenses. So if you experience a reduction in hours or lose your job, have medical or veterinary expenses or urgent car repairs, you’re prepared to deal with it.