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About us

Better KiwiSaver Outcomes

We give digital KiwiSaver advice that’s 100% expert and personalised to your situation. It’s that simple. Since launching our innovative KiwiSaver comparison site in 2018 we have had the aim to generate transparency within the market. A first of its kind for Aotearoa, our ethical analysis holding providers to account caused quite a stir.

Our Purpose

We want to simplify the process of finding the right KiwiSaver fund by empowering New Zealanders to make better decisions for themselves. We’ve built a platform to give equal access to KiwiSaver advice. We want you to achieve your personal financial goals while being confident that your KiwiSaver fund is invested profitably and aligned with your world view.

BetterSaver Experts

Based in Morningside, Auckland, BetterSaver are KiwiSaver experts led by founder Joe Taylor who has over 10 years experience in the industry. View Joe’s LinkedIn or get in touch.