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3 things lockdown taught us about money

16 Jan 2022

We created our top 3 money lessons learned from lockdown to help us all prepare for whatever comes next.

New Year, New Finances: Actual Sustainable Ways to Overhaul Your Finances in 2022

10 Jan 2022

It’s time to take some simple steps to move towards a brighter financial future. BetterSaver is going to show you how you can overhaul your financial health for a better-than-ever year.

22 saving hacks for 2022

21 Dec 2021

Whether it’s spending less on eating out or kicking that pesky online shopping habit, many of us aim to be more fiscally responsible as we roll into a new calendar year.

What Christmas movies taught us about money

19 Dec 2021

A BetterSaver we are all about sharing financial knowledge so that every day Kiwis can get ahead. This year, the team found inspiration in a slightly unusual place - our favourite Christmas movies.

Sort your KiwiSaver and help a Kiwi in need

13 Dec 2021
Joe Taylor
Joe Taylor

As we approach the end of the year and reflect on what life looks like for us now, I see a lot of Kiwis just surviving day-to-day. So as we head into the holiday season, the team and I want to do our little bit to help.

Why cutting back on christmas presents isn’t the key to saving

6 Dec 2021

Our message to you this holiday season is this: saving on your Christmas presents won’t save you.

Why you should switch out of your default fund now

28 Nov 2021

The new default funds will have lower fees than many other KiwiSaver funds. But low fees don’t always equate to more money in the bank.

Joe Taylor talks money on Newstalk ZB

24 Nov 2021

Listen to our founder Joe Taylor talk KiwiSaver and his top money tips on the Smart Money show.

Default funds: How much money have you been missing out on?

21 Nov 2021
Joe Taylor
Joe Taylor

A 45-year-old that has been earning the average wage over the last 10 years could have left up to $26,000 on the table by not being in the right KiwiSaver Fund.*