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What Christmas movies taught us about money

December 19, 2021

Ahhh, the holidays.

The time of the year where Netflix’s Christmas movie catalogue viewing time increases and some valuable lessons are taught. Trivial lessons like the surprising number of foreign princes there are to fall in love with, or valuable ones like the importance of family.

A BetterSaver we are all about sharing financial knowledge so that every day Kiwis can get ahead.

This year, the team found inspiration in a slightly unusual place - our favourite Christmas movies.

Read on to see what the BetterSaver crew have learnt from the holiday classics…

“Christmas is about the people you love, not how much money you spend. The Grinch lashes out because he’s lonely. Once he has friends to share Christmas with, all the material things seem less important. Spoil your friends and family if you want to, but don’t break the bank. Tis the season to be jolly… and financially responsible!”
Jade, The Grinch

“Don’t steal money. Instead, have a long term approach. Otherwise, John McClane will push you off a skyscraper and you will plummet to your death and have no money and no happy retirement. Don’t be like Hans Gruber, OK?”
Zac, Die Hard

“Giving is not about the amount spent but about the thought and effort behind it. Compassion is worth more than anything money could buy.”
Emma, The Christmas Prince

“A house swap is a great way to save money on accommodation while getting to see a new place. Plus, you might meet a local and fall in love.”
Beth, The Holiday

“While going barefoot is a good way to save, sometimes it’s worth just buying shoes.”
Rupert, Die Hard

“Home Alone taught me that having an emergency fund is so important. Imagine trying to get six tickets from Paris to Chicago (during Christmas nonetheless). Wouldn’t want to put that on my credit card.”
Sagrika, Home Alone

“When you get too obsessed with the material and financial success you lose touch with what’s really important. The best part about Christmas are those around the tree, not what is under it.”
Leti, Jingle Jangle

“If you are struggling financially to the point of having to sleepover with strangers, if you can, consider moving back in with your parents to save.”
Rupak, Last Christmas

“Christmas is much easier if you can be with family, but if you can’t - why not just use your extremely rich dad’s credit card to live it up in New York City? Or break into your uncle’s apartment while he’s away. A bit unethical I guess, but hey - just make the most of what you have.”

David, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York