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First home

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Want to buy a home? Know your borrow power

29 Aug 2022

First home buyers' series: Part 2 of 2 The New Zealand property market is no joke. In part two of our first home buying series, I explain how to figure out how much you could borrow, and look at some of the creative ways Kiwis are getting on the property ladder.

First-home buyers update - what’s changed in 2022

25 Aug 2022

First home buyers' series: Part 1 of 2 My partner and I bought our first home in 2020, so I am familiar with how overwhelming and stressful the process can be.

Can I withdraw my KiwiSaver funds?

27 Jun 2022

When money’s tight, it can be tempting to think about withdrawing your KiwiSaver funds. With inflation, rising interest rates, and the onset of winter, many of us feel the pressure of stretching our dollars. Your KiwiSaver balance may be catching your eye, your money sitting there untouched and tempting.

ANOTHER update to home loan rules

20 Mar 2022

Fortunately for prospective borrowers, the government has announced they are making changes to guidance for lenders. So what’s the deal now? Let’s look at what’s happened and what first home buyers need to do now.

Interview with Debt Free Diva

9 Mar 2022

We recently hosted an Instagram Live, where Beth & Emma from the BetterSaver team interviewed Tracy Hemingway, AKA Debt Free Diva, for International Women’s Day.

What should first home buyers be doing now?

27 Feb 2022

If you’re trying to buy your first home right now, you might feel like giving up. The market has gone crazy and the rules are changing. It’s enough to make anyone’s head spin.

How to make sure your KiwiSaver is first home ready

7 Feb 2022

Financial specialists say that a whopping 90% of first home buyers rely on their KiwiSaver fund to make a deposit for their first home.