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Can I withdraw my KiwiSaver funds?

27 Jun 2022

When money’s tight, it can be tempting to think about withdrawing your KiwiSaver funds. With inflation, rising interest rates, and the onset of winter, many of us feel the pressure of stretching our dollars. Your KiwiSaver balance may be catching your eye, your money sitting there untouched and tempting.

Retiring soon? How to make your KiwiSaver last

7 Jun 2022

If your retirement is getting closer, there are a few things you should do to ensure that your KiwiSaver fund is ready. No one wants to stress about money - it’s time to kick back and enjoy your new lifestyle. You’ve earned it!

5 reasons women have less in their KiwiSaver (and what we can do to combat it)

12 Apr 2022

Exploring the reasons Kiwi women are retiring with less than men and what we can do about it.