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Financial literacy workshops

A fantastic employee benefit for your workplace

Help your employees get financially fit

We want to ensure that your team members make informed KiwiSaver choices. We'll help them understand how their goals, timeframe, risk tolerance, and ethical preferences can guide which KiwiSaver fund they should be in and ultimately transform their financial future.

KiwiSaver: A huge opportunity

KiwiSaver has the power to transform New Zealand's financial future, but many of us aren't making the most of it - and it's not necessarily our fault! There are over 240 funds available and finding the right one for your situation is like finding a needle in a haystack. That's where BetterSaver comes in.

What we offer

BetterSaver's mission is to make quality financial advice available to all Kiwis, so there are a number of ways we can bring financial literacy into your workplace.

We offer businesses of any size a customisable variety of different ways to support their team on their KiwiSaver journeys. It’s all free.

KiwiSaver workshops

Whether you have 45 minutes or just 5 to spare, our experts can conduct a free KiwiSaver 101 session.

1:1 consults

Our financial experts can answer your team's burning questions and help them get their ducks in a row.

Digital KiwiSaver advice

Online tools to find your ideal fund


Interactive tools and tips for getting financially fit

If you'd like access to some of our top interactive money resources, enter your details below: