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What's your saving personality?

March 27, 2022

We each have a unique relationship with money. It’s often tied to how we were brought up and our life experiences, which makes our relationship with money a deeply personal and emotional issue. What’s considered “normal” to one person might be bizarre to another. For instance, you might spend money as fast as you make it while your mate hoards cash under their mattress, meanwhile your significant other has had investments since childhood.

While there isn’t a single right or wrong way to approach your finances, your relationship with money has a serious impact on your ability to save for your future. Becoming aware of how you treat your money gives you the opportunity for improvement - and with improvement comes greater financial security.

That’s why we took a look at common money personalities with a focus on saving. Becoming aware of your saving personality can help you take an objective look at your tendencies and what you can realistically do to improve your finances.

Let’s identify your saving personality and find out what will work to make you a better saver.

The emotional shopper

Bargains make you happy. You love to treat others and get a boost from giving gifts. You often buy things just because you couldn’t pass up a good deal. You see saving and investing as something you’ll get to eventually. It’s more important to live for the moment, do what makes you happy now and worry about the rest later.

Often heard saying: “I just had to get it.” “I saw this and thought of you.”

Watch out for: Ending up in massive debt from spending what you don’t have.


  • Set a budget for how much you’ll allow yourself to spend on non-essentials each week - and cut up those credit cards to avoid spending money you don’t have!
  • Save up for specific purchases instead of spur-of-the-moment splurges
  • Like Debt Free Diva says, start with one thing; try to make saving easy by setting up a savings account with an automatic transfer each payday or sort your KiwiSaver in just five minutes

The big spender

You’ve got the latest phone, brand-name clothes, and designer accessories. You like to make a statement and dress to impress. You make a show of treating your friends and bask in their admiration. Debt doesn’t scare you. You take risks, chase short-term gains and jump on investment trends.

Often heard saying: “I just got the latest ____.”

Watch out for: Overspending on short-term happiness that causes you to miss out on long-term gains.


  • Shift your shopping focus to long-term satisfaction instead of short-lived highs
  • Put some of your money into slow and steady investments like KiwiSaver instead of risking it all on ‘get rich quick’ schemes
  • Get a financial adviser to help you budget your money to allocate spending, saving and investing

The dreamy debtor

Money shouldn’t rule your life, right? Your motto is live and let live. You spend what you have and don’t worry much beyond that. You’ll get around to investing someday. It’s too much to think about, and hard to look far into the future. Your inability to plan leaves you indecisive, inactive - and missing out on opportunities to grow your savings.

Often heard saying: “It’s only money.” “You can’t take it with you.”

Watch out for: Spending more than you earn and ending up in debt, with no security for your future.


  • Take an honest, objective look at where your money over the last month - a financial adviser can help remove the emotional aspect to give you a clear picture of where you could be saving
  • Make your first goal an emergency fund so you’re covered when the unexpected happens
  • Automate your savings and investing contributions so you don’t have to think about it - with KiwiSaver your contributions are deducted from your pay, plus your employer adds to your fund

The super saver

Lights off, no heat, just a few basics in your wardrobe - you spend the bare minimum. You love frugality. You get a bigger kick out of seeing the interest earned on your savings statement each month than you do from any purchase. If there’s a way to save a few more cents, you’ll find it. Having money gives you security, a feeling of control. Investing seems too risky - what if you lose?

Often heard saying: “Is there a discount code for that?”

Watch out for: Being so focused on saving that you miss out on investing - and forget to enjoy life.


  • Set goals for your savings instead of just saving for the sake of it - enjoy travel, or a night out, or whatever it is you would like to treat yourself to
  • Put your savings into things that will give you true security, like a retirement fund
  • Talk to a financial adviser about how to invest with minimal risk while getting maximum returns

The savvy investor

You’re conscious of where your money goes. You keep an eye on the latest investment apps and assess which are worth getting into. You calculate your risks, make careful decisions, and watch your money go to work for you. One day, your passive investments will provide sufficient income so that you won’t have to worry anymore.

Often heard saying: “What’s the return on that?”

Watch out for: Honestly, you’re doing great - but make sure saving for the future isn’t at the expense of living today.


  • Beware of becoming a workaholic - putting in long hours or working through the weekends regularly can rob you of joy
  • Focus some energy on things that make you happy other than finances
  • Keep up the good work and regularly check in on your investments, especially if your circumstances change

One tip to rule them all

No matter your saving personality, there is one common tip that works for everyone: sort your KiwiSaver fund.

If you’re an emotional shopper, big spender, or dreamy debtor, KiwiSaver is a simple way for you to start saving and investing for your future. Your contributions are automatically deducted from your wages and invested on your behalf at a risk level you’re comfortable with. Once you set it up, you don’t have to think about contributing or worry about where your money is going.

If you’re a Super Saver, then KiwiSaver can be a low-risk investment with higher interest rates than a standard savings account. Getting into the right fund for you is key so that you are comfortable with the level of risk. BetterSaver makes it easy to set up your KiwiSaver to see slow and steady growth in the long term.

And, if you’re a Savvy Investor, you likely already have a KiwiSaver and contribute the maximum you can afford. But are you sure you’re in the best fund for you? It can mean the difference of tens of thousands of dollars, if not more.

What you should do next is simple. Take our Fund Finder Quiz - it only takes 5 minutes and we’ll ask you about your goals, risk tolerance, and values. We’ll match you with a KiwiSaver fund and even do all the work of switching your fund. We want everyone to be a better saver, and there is no easier way to start than by sorting your KiwiSaver with us.