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Share your code and get $50 in to your KiwiSaver account

  1. Log in to and copy your unique referral code.

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  3. For each person that signs up with your code, we'll put $50 in to your KiwiSaver account and theirs. Cha-ching!


The nitty gritty of our referral programme.
You sure do! It’s super easy to sign up - it takes less than 5 mins on our online tool.
Once someone uses your URL to become a BetterSaver customer, we’ll switch them to their recommended KiwiSaver Fund. After 30 days in their new fund, we’ll deposit the $50 in to your KiwiSaver account and into theirs.
Go on, spread that referral code around! We do cap the amount we’ll deposit into your account to a maximum of $1,000. But hey, do it to set your friends up for a better financial future.

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