About BetterSaver

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The reality is that for many KiwiSaver investors, the amount they have saved is not currently large enough to justify paying for professional advice.

BetterSaver is a free, easy-to-access resource where users can compare, choose, and switch KiwiSaver funds.

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Developed and maintained by an independent team of financial professionals, BetterSaver brings good information together in one place, in a way that’s easy to understand.

At BetterSaver, we’re proud of the service we provide to New Zealanders, helping them get better outcomes for their retirement savings, improving financial literacy and highlighting socially responsible investment funds that not only make a profit—they make a difference.

Kiwi saving in it's piggy bank

100% Independent

BetterSaver is not owned by any bank or KiwiSaver provider. We don’t provide personalised investment advice, just great data that you can use to make your own investment choices.

100% free to use

BetterSaver is a totally free service for consumers — that includes switching funds. (We may receive a commission or other payment from a fund provider when you switch funds through the site).

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KiwiSaver comparison made easy

We want BetterSaver to be your trusted source for clear, unambiguous information about KiwiSaver, enabling you to find an investment that not only provides good financial returns but matches your worldview.

With KiwiSaver expected to grow to more than $200 billion by 2030, making the right choices now will have a huge flow-on effect for individuals, families and for the country as a whole.

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How to contact us

BetterSaver is operated by KiwiSaver expert Joe Taylor, with an independent team of data analysts and financial professionals.

You can contact Joe at joe@bettersaver.co.nz.

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